make the conversations better

have rewarding 1:1s that move people forward

employees want to grow their capabilities and find better ways of working
but they often don't know how to access the people and tools that can help
intentional and purposeful 1:1s between people and their managers
can unlock potential and lead to great outcomes
make 1:1s easier, more valuable and more rewarding for everyone

the solution lies
in better conversations

people want to explore their options for growth

talent development doesn’t happen in a template, and growth can't be ‘people-led’
if it only comes from the top-down
peopleLOOP helps employees start
conversations about what matters to them

managers want to give personalised and practical advice

a manager’s role is not to control each employee’s development, but to help people access the experiences and internal networks they need to explore their own path and do their best workpeopleLOOP helps managers prioritise conversations that will guide people’s growth
in an individualised way

As we launch peopleLOOP we’re looking for progressive
people and organisations to be our foundation users
If you're a Team Member, Manager or People and Culture specialist aligned with our mission
we'd love to keep in touch


the future is empowering for employees and managers

We see a future where
- every person is supported to shape their unique professional journey
- managers maximise the return on the time they invest in their people
- organisations tap in to their full internal potential
It starts with making it easy for everyone to initiate intentional conversations that can accelerate them along their chosen path

about us

the motivation behind peopleLOOP

peopleLOOP is the result of our lived career experiences. We are both mid-career, so there's literally a whole lifetime of work behind it!We were never fully suited to a single career ladder; whether in medicine, in the corporate world or in government
It works well for some people, but a single linear path didn’t work for us.
As a result we had to be proactive about creating new career opportunities on our own.
And that's been really hard, without structured support from the systems in which we worked.
If we wanted to explore our growth, we had to look elsewhere. And then the value we brought left with us.In our careers, there was no trigger for initiating conversations that explored our unique career paths
- but in the new world of work, we know this can change.
peopleLOOP is for everyone who wants to explore their growth options within their organisation;
and for managers and organisations who want to keep attracting, developing and retaining top talent.

the people behind peopleLOOP

Dr Tanya Pelly
director of people growth

Experienced manager
and human impact leader
Helping people
grow at work to reach
their potential

Warwick Pelly
director of business growth

Social entrepreneur
and connector
Improving organisations
by helping people
work better together